Four Mobile Applications to Help You Organize Your Life

Is it just us, or can life get so overwhelming sometimes? When you enter the phase of young adulthood, you’re suddenly swamped with responsibilities. You have to think about your job, bills, property assessment, chores, etc. There is so much to do yet it seems as though there is not enough time. With all the things

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People wearing face mask on a train

COVID-19 and its Impact on Freelancers and Gig Workers

The coronavirus, they say, is a great equalizer, just like natural disasters and death. It doesn’t play any favorites. Just as the sun shines on both the rich and poor, COVID-19 is not picky when it comes to its victims. When the virus initially caught the attention of the world, we all thought that the

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A Landlord’s Guide to Managing Tenants During and After COVID-19

The current global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Governments around the world are imposing quarantines in an effort to reduce infection. This has caused several non-essential businesses to close temporarily, some of which are not paying their employees for the time being.  Because of this, many people are

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