How to Succeed in Your Real Estate Career

Are you looking forwards to kick start your dream real estate career? Yes. Real estate education only prepares you to pass your licensing exam. Why? Most new real estate agents never make it through one and a half years of practice. Some underestimate the expenses and overestimate their income. Others rely on the traditional industry,

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Amenities That Will Make Your Tenants Love You

If you have ever been tasked to manage an apartment complex or a condominium, you know how difficult it can be to handle tenants. It is understandable, as they pay good money for the space they are renting and also expect things to be in top shape. If ever they see something off, they want

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COVID-19 and its Impact on Freelancers and Gig Workers

The coronavirus, they say, is a great equalizer, just like natural disasters and death. It doesn’t play any favorites. Just as the sun shines on both the rich and poor, COVID-19 is not picky when it comes to its victims. When the virus initially caught the attention of the world, we all thought that the

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