Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry

Studying the Nitty-gritty: the Importance of Home Inspections

A house is a big investment which means that you should think things through properly before deciding to buy one. When you have already secured enough budget to settle the down payment, have talked to real estate agents, and have thoroughly scoured houses for sale on the market, it is time to focus on making

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Real Estate Industry

A 7-Week Deep Cleaning Plan For You

One of the annual things no homeowner should skip is spring cleaning. This is the time that you get to really do a deep cleaning and decluttering at home. This helps you protect your own home and other Section 8 property rental investments if you have other residential properties for rent. Whether you’re a simple

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Real Estate Industry

Red Flags to Be Wary of When Purchasing a Real Estate Property

The minute you decide you’re ready to purchase your first home, it’s okay to be excited. You deserve to feel the elation that comes with the idea of finally being able to invest in a tangible asset that’s most likely to appreciate over time. Relish the feeling. However, once you’re in the actual process of house

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Real Estate Industry

Buying Your First Investment Property: What Should You Know?

Investing in real estate is one of the smartest ways to use your money. Investors can enjoy stable cash flow, passive income, tax advantages, and other benefits. Real estate properties also rarely depreciate so that you can sell your assets at a higher price. One way to invest in real estate is buying your own

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Real Estate Industry

Robert Kiyosaki in Real Estate Investing: Start Small, Think Big

A few names can be written along with Robert Kiyosaki that would extract the same amount of attention. Indeed, the Rich Dad Poor Dad author is a worldwide sensation. Translated into 51 languages worldwide (and perhaps only surpassed by the Bible), the book has sold over 40 million copies since it saw print. That’s amazing

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Can the Neighbourhood Help You Stay Healthy and Live Longer? These Studies Say Yes

Location, location, location—this is probably one of the most overused real estate tips out there. The experts suggest that the right address can provide an excellent profit should a homeowner sell their property. But a smart choice on neighborhood comes with another major benefit: studies show it might determine one’s health and longevity. 1. More

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Real Estate Industry

Buying Your First Home in 2021: What Should You Expect?

Investing in real estate is a smart way to use your hard-earned money. Real estate properties, like homes, rarely decrease in value. You can sell them at a higher price than when you bought them in the future. Buying your first home is an ideal starting point in building your real estate portfolio. Purchasing a

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Real Estate Industry

Money, Knowledge, or Both? A Property Agent’s Wise Choice

Some people might probably think that entering the real estate industry is risky, especially if you don’t have the money for it. Well, yes, money would still play a part in one’s venture into business. But, wouldn’t having the proper knowledge play a big factor as well? Let’s say you have more than enough capital

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Real Estate Industry

How Big of a Role Should Maintenance Play When Choosing Your First House?

You might ask: why should I worry about maintaining the house when I haven’t even moved in? Isn’t that jumping the gun too soon? Doesn’t that ruin the process of finding your dream home? In some cases, it does ruin the joy of finding your first home. But in many instances, ignoring the warning signs

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Real Estate Industry

How to Succeed in Your Real Estate Career

Are you looking forwards to kick start your dream real estate career? Yes. Real estate education only prepares you to pass your licensing exam. Why? Most new real estate agents never make it through one and a half years of practice. Some underestimate the expenses and overestimate their income. Others rely on the traditional industry,

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